The POP sex toy transforms lesbian insemination. Thanks to this sex you can share this most amazing exerience during a moment of intimacy and love shared with your partner.
Equipped with a sterile tube and a pump inserted into the toys body, Pop offers total control of the timing used to release the sperm.

Its functionality and ergonomic shape compatible dildo , allow you as a female couple to take control of the process . Whether the partner receiving insemination or your other half, you decide how and when to experience this event full of intensity ... for your pleasure !

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You won’t confuse the POP sex toy with a simple dildo because POP also meets all the insemination needs in a lesbian relationship. WetForHer does not usually sell any sex toys in realistic shape but we could not leave this sex toy aside as it was created by a lesbian in the US who we have met and it is aimed at lesbian couples wanting to practice insemination at home. You can use a purchase sperm or a known donor as a freind. The sperm is active 10 hours if kept at room temperature.

At first glance, this lesbian sex toy is a dildo that can be used with a harness. But upon closer inspection, this special insemination dildo for lesbian couples is different from other models because of its pump which is inserted into the body of the sex toy. Connected to a sterile tube, this pump will release, at the right time, sperm that you previously put into the tube.

A lesbian sex toy for conceiving your child at home

A lesbian sex toy, made by a woman for women, Wet for Her can’t not offer you this dildo which will open up new paths for all women looking for insemination in a lesbian relationship.

To begin with, we admit that Semenette is a lot more visually attractive than the traditional medical bulb, and the latter’s effects, however, are not the best. Above all, this sex toy also gives you the chance to be active. You can be the actress of the insemination of your partner, and she can actively participate as well, in a way that will please you both. So get yourself ready for this good news.

Semenette, a sex toy for achieving insemination in a lesbian relationship

Finally, insemination for lesbians is no longer a long and difficult act but has become a real intimate moment, full of closeness. Each person will have their preferences and their desires, but this lesbian sex toy is adaptable and allows you to take control. You get to decide when your sex toy ejaculates and you thus get to share this strong moment in a woman’s life. So that your pleasures can turn to joy, try the Semenette sex toy without waiting any longer.

We recommend using the Semenette Sex Toy with the SpareParts harness only.



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